Growing through the last recession, Pelipal knows how to maximise every opportunity in an ever-changing market.

It’s easy to write about Pelipal being one of the most successful bathroom furniture manufacturers in the world, easier still to talk about German engineering, cutting- edge design, unparalleled build quality and impressive pricing. But the question being asked by retailers right now is, “How can I make sure that my business succeeds in an economically unstable period?”

Let’s face it, the bathroom industry has taken a real hammering in the last few years and having just survived a recession, we now face the insecurity of a post Brexit market. It could be all doom and gloom but it isn’t. This is the perfect opportunity to create future growth. InHouse sees things a little differently from most.

Let’s take the phrase “Opportunityisnowhere”. Some people will see “Opportunity Is No Where”. That’s not the InHouse way. The team see “Opportunity Is Now Here” and so do their independent retailers. If you really want to succeed, take a look at the only brand to increase sales by a staggering 40% in 2015 and achieve the same again this year. And that brand is the No 1 German bathroom manufacturer Pelipal.

That’s because InHouse do things differently. “We build national brand awareness and support our local retailers to promote Pelipal’s brand,” explains Wayne Dance, Managing Director of InHouse. “When consumers are feeling uncertain, they won’t take a risk. They want to purchase from a trusted and respected brand that offers the best quality and value. We make it our job to ensure you stand out and there’s no better way to build consumer desire and confidence, than appearing in the best interior magazines.

You’ll find Pelipal in all the leading trade and consumer titles. We even offer free POS material and personalised branding. No other manufacturer offers this level of commitment.”

A family-run business operating on a global scale, Pelipal understands that no one knows the market better than the retailer, so they make it their job to listen and go that extra mile in creating the right portfolio.

Wayne adds, “With over thirty years’ experience, InHouse knows the market inside out and we work exceptionally hard in supporting our retailers to succeed. Fluctuations in currency will affect the whole industry, so we partner with World First to make sure our retailers can benefit and protect themselves from currency fluctuations. We offer regular trips to Germany to meet a community of like-minded partners who learn from and support each other. When you work with InHouse, you become part of a team. It is our business to help you succeed.”