How to create the ultimate functional open-plan kitchen – next125

With family life and entertaining such a major part of open-plan living, today’s living spaces need to be organised and flexible. The ultimate solution for clutter-free and adaptable living is the working wall, where everything you need sits neatly behind fully retractable cabinets.

Integrating this concept into the home is relatively easy and there are only a few settings in which this doesn’t work. From sink to oven, pull out larder to mid height dishwasher, a working wall can be designed to individual preferences. When cabinets are shut, you effectively create a neutral wall that blends discretely into any setting.  This creates a perfect backdrop for an eye-catching island unit or to simply shift the focus to a different area of the room.

Equally, you can use the full height doors to create a feature. Think stunning glass fronts, or crank up the wow factor and opt for something unique, such as the reclaimed oak fronts in the next125 collection.

And finally, consider materials. There are a multitude of finishes that are all easy to clean, look stunning and cross the bridge from practical to aesthetic luxury with ease. Key looks are glass and texture. Glass remains one of the most stylish front finishes and there are a host of rich new colours available such as Indigo blue, lava black and deep stone grey all of which mix beautifully with more sedate neutrals.  Wood is the perfect bridge between living spaces, so why not marry glass and wood to create texture, reflection and calm – the perfect wow factor for contemporary interiors.

Remember, the working wall is just one element of an open-plan space, you need to find the perfect union of functionality, aesthetics, affordability and quality. Seek out ranges that do not compromise these other aspects for the sake of the price. Quality is what will make your kitchen stand the test of time and today’s trends should look timeless once installed.