Whether you’re a regular host or love to experiment in the kitchen, it’s likely you have a lot of utensils and essentials piling up in your cupboards and drawers. Space is a premium even in the largest homes but if you’re dealing with a small kitchen, you may need to be a little more creative with your storage solutions to fit in everything you need. If you’re struggling for room in your current kitchen, it might be time to rethink the layout and design of your space. We’ve put together some of our biggest space-saving ideas to help you make use of dead space and get the most out of your kitchen design.

Utilise pull-out storage

You may have some areas that are hard to reach or impractical to use. Pull-out storage offers a clever solution to this problem. Most commonly used for deep corner cupboards, this kind of tiered shelving ensures all of the space is utilised but can still be accessed easily without having to reach too far. This is also a great place to store pots, pans, and other bulky essentials rather than smaller items.

In a similar vein, pull-down shelving can be used for high cabinets, while pull-out pantries (also called larder units) can be used to make the most of narrow spaces. These are the perfect solution if you don’t have space for a full walk-in pantry, making the most of all the available space you have to house store cupboard essentials. Be sure to take a look at our advice on how to organise kitchen cupboards to help you arrange your storage cupboards in a way that works for you.

Make use of drawer inserts

Many of us are all too familiar with kitchen drawer clutter and overfilled jammed drawers. This is what makes drawer inserts one of the simplest but most effective kitchen space-saving ideas. With dedicated spaces for all your kitchen utensils, you’ll not only be keeping your kitchen tidy and organised, but cooking will be a breeze when everything you need to access can be found right away. Traditional cutlery partitions are always a wise choice but look beyond these for even more space-saving options that will help you cut down on cabinet or worktop clutter, such as knife block inserts, bottle holders, plate organisers, and more. Next125 German kitchens even offer partitions lined with a woven material which absorbs the noise created by moving cutlery for a more serene cooking space.

Organise vertically

While cupboard and drawer space is essential, the walls are an often-overlooked area of the kitchen for storage. Vertical storage solutions such as those offered by Schüller make use of these underused spaces above the cooker and sink or below upper cabinets, offering room to store your most commonly used essentials like knives, herbs, spices and oils, and kitchen roll, all within arm’s reach. The recess panel system is also available in a wide choice of styles, making this the perfect space-saving idea for almost any kitchen style.

Opt for a pull-out workspace

If workspace is where your kitchen falls short, then a pull-out worktop is the ultimate solution. These take up minimal drawer space (so won’t interfere with your storage potential) but offer plenty of extra room for food prep when you need it, sliding away neatly when you don’t. As an ideal small kitchen space saving idea, these pull-outs can also double up as dining space with enough room for two people to sit comfortably. So, if you don’t have space for a dining table in your kitchen, a pull-out option could be the solution.

Use freestanding furniture on a spare wall

Often, the problem in kitchens isn’t the total amount of space available, but the amount of useable space. If you have a spare wall, don’t let this go to waste. While fitted kitchen cabinets would be impractical here, this is the perfect area for freestanding furniture. A sideboard or display cabinet isn’t just a decorative feature of your kitchen but also provides a space to store dining sets and glasses. You could even transform your sideboard into a stylish home bar, perfect for entertaining guests. Alternatively, if you have an open-plan kitchen dining space, utilise your sideboard as a media centre to store records and offer some ambience for your cooking sessions or dinner parties.

Choose moveable pieces

If you’re looking for a way to incorporate even more storage space into your kitchen, you may want to consider a storage trolley. These compact kitchen space saving solutions feature compartments that can hold cooking essentials like oil bottles and spices, as well as utensils and glasses. Some even come with a small worksurface that can be used for small preparation tasks such as chopping garnishes.
What makes these so handy is that they can be used anywhere in your kitchen. The attached wheels make it easy to slide your trolley wherever you need it, whether it’s by your prep space, hob, or the kitchen table. You can even hide it away in a corner when not in use.

Stick to compact appliances

Just because you have a small kitchen space doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice luxury appliances like a dishwasher. While standard appliances might take up too much room, compact versions can save valuable inches but still offer all the same functionality as their full-size counterparts. You can even install your kitchen appliances in awkward spaces such as tucked away in a corner or at the end of your cabinets for an extra space-saving kitchen solution, finding a new purpose for this often-underused space. For a clean look, integrate your appliances into your cabinetry to keep them hidden from view.

Traditional extractor hoods can take up a lot of space which isn’t always practical in small kitchens. Ceiling extractors and built-in units are a more space-saving solution, sitting flush with your cabinetry or ceiling, and therefore taking up minimal space, without sacrificing on function.

Go handleless

When designing your kitchen, it’s not just layout and appliances you’ll want to consider. The overall finish of your kitchen furniture can actually contribute to a space-saving kitchen design. Handleless kitchens have a flush surface with a concealed handle or even no handle at all, creating a seamless look across the whole of your kitchen. This makes them perfect for small kitchens or kitchens with minimal floor space. Although just a small detail, this style can save a few valuable inches, offering a little more moveable space and the illusion of a cleaner, larger kitchen. You can find out more about what handleless kitchens are, how they work, and the pros and cons of the style in our guide to handleless kitchens.

Add storage to a kitchen island

A kitchen island can make a design statement in any kitchen and can provide so much more than just extra counter space. An island holds valuable storage room, so be sure to include shelving and drawers as part of your kitchen design plan. Open shelving provides a stylish touch to your space-saving kitchen island and ensures everything is within easy reach while cooking. This is also a great place to display collections of cookbooks, your most stylish tableware, and more. For a cleaner look, you may choose to hide your kitchen island storage behind cabinet doors and drawers, which keeps everything hidden away and prevents your island from looking too cluttered.

For an extra space-saving kitchen idea, incorporate ceiling-hung shelf units over your kitchen island. Alongside offering extra storage space, these suspended shelves offer unparalleled style and are sure to be a standout feature in your kitchen.

Pick a German-style kitchen

When it comes to space-saving kitchen design, it doesn’t get more ergonomic than a German kitchen. This style of furniture is designed to maximise as much space as possible, from cupboard depth to cabinet height. In fact, the increased height offered by a German kitchen can add up to 10% extra storage space. Plus, you can design your kitchen exactly how you want it. With completely customisable options, you can design your kitchen to make full use of dead corner space and awkward angles with space-saving kitchen cupboards, drawers, and storage solutions. You can find out more in our guide to German-style kitchen design.

Whether you’re remodelling a small kitchen or just want to make the best use of your kitchen design, these space-saving kitchen ideas will help you utilise every inch. Our kitchen designers will work with you to create a space that suits your home and your lifestyle, to get in touch today to book an appointment and start designing your Schüller or next125 kitchen.