Black kitchens are back with a bang. Although sometimes overlooked by their more colourful counterparts, sumptuous kitchens in black tones are an increasingly popular choice for the contemporary kitchen.

And they don’t just have to be clean-cut and minimalistic. From embracing the shaker look and putting a dark spin on the farmhouse kitchen, to making the black kitchen family-friendly, read on for dark kitchen design tips from our team of interior designers.

Black countryside chic

If you want to go dark while retaining a touch of countryside chic, choose shaker doors that prevent the kitchen from feeling flat. Couple this with rustic wooden features, like wooden bottle storage and crates for fresh produce, that help to break up the space. These are also great, tailored storage solutions beyond the standard cupboards and drawers.

“In a black kitchen, don’t forget the value of open space,” says Chris Dance, our Head Designer and Director. “Open shelving and cut-outs will help to make the room feel bigger and airy, yet still be functional as storage or task areas. Lighting built into shelves and other storage units will also help this, as it will provide useful illumination for tasks as well as aesthetic interest.”

Similarly, a statement pendant light hung above an island will act as a sculptural point of interest in the kitchen. If you want the look of a sculptural piece without the lighting, consider a wire frame rack hung above the island. Not only is this useful for cooking and preparing food, but it’s also a popular talking point.

The family-friendly black kitchen

The contemporary black kitchen is far removed from the sharp, contemporary, minimalist expectations. It can be whatever the user wants – including family-friendly.

Rich and welcoming, ensure that the black family kitchen has plenty of light, whether natural or artificial. This includes task lighting, that is most useful for cooking and preparing food – and the inevitable clean-up – and atmospheric lighting. The latter is particularly effective if you want to submerse yourself in the colour, with black-on-black cabinetry and worktops, as it helps prevent the kitchen from feeling overwhelmed in darkness.

“For the family kitchen,” says Chris, “Don’t forget that it needs to be accessible for all generations. Steps and stools will help little ones reach counter tops, investing in easy-to-use storage that helps everyone to reach high-up or heavy objects is a must.”

If you’d like further inspiration, take a look at our Dark Kitchens Ideas page. Featuring sumptuous designs from German kitchen manufacturers Schüller and next125, we’re sure you’ll find something you love.

And if you want to see a range of dark kitchens in person, feel free to visit our showroom in Hexham, Northumberland. With award-winning displays of kitchens – not just in black – bathrooms and bedrooms, we would love to meet you. And you’re sure to love our fully functional test kitchen – living proof of a stylish, family-friendly black kitchen.