InHouse are delighted to announce a renewed partnership with international money transfer experts World First, who have been helping our clients get the most out of their payments since 2012.

If you’re importing kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms from Europe, you may be exposed to currency fluctuations that could be costly if not managed properly. World First’s currency specialists are here to assist you with your individual needs and the savings could be significant. With great exchange rates and no fees for InHouse clients, you could end up paying less for the same leading European brands.

Why use World First

  • Faster, cheaper and easier international payments
  • Great exchange rates
  • No fees for InHouse clients
  • Award winning service
  • Make transfers online, 24/7

The right product to suit you

Spot contracts
The spot rate is the exchange rate on the day of the currency transaction. Although this is very simple, there is risk associated with this as rates can fluctuate dramatically over the course
of a few days, making it difficult to budget accurately.

Forward contracts
With a forward contract, you can fix the exchange rate and therefore the cost of any goods, for example, for up to three years in advance of the transaction date. This enables accurate budgeting and guarantees the cost of the product in advance, with the security of knowing it will not become more expensive due to fluctuations in exchange rates.

Firm orders
If you know the rate you want or know the rate you definitely don’t want but don’t have time to keep tabs on what’s going on, just tell us. If the rate gets to where you want it – we’ll take action and book it for you.

Get in touch today to find out more and set up an account with World First.

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