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Glass Bathrooms

Glass is a beautiful material to use in any bathroom design. Natural light moves across the surface throughout the day, with integrated LED cabinet and mirrored lighting creating a visual feast in the evening. From metallic grey to the purest white, glass fronts create a beautiful contrast when partnered with natural wood grain effect finishes.

For some, matt surfaces are favoured and the impressive Pelipal velvet touch matt glass means that you don’t have to compromise your love of glass. Cool to touch, rich in appearance and radiating luxury, this is German engineering at its finest.

Don’t let your imagination stop at cabinets, glass basins and countertops are a stylish addition in any modern bathroom design. Easy to clean and always creating 5* star appeal.

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Pelipal Bathrooms

Kitchens for Life. Made in Germany

The award winning Pelipal collection includes modern wall hung vanity cabinets, stunning LED bathroom mirror and mirror cabinets and of course, the latest innovations and bathroom storage ideas.

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Leonardo Glass Bathrooms

The Mark of Distinction

Designs that turn every bathroom into a design statement. Leonardo features perfectly proportioned bathroom cabinets, technically advanced finishes and sublime integrated LED lighting options.

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