Neutral kitchens are clean yet cosy, and provide the perfect colour palette for a welcoming kitchen. The turbulence of the external world frequently sees a retreat to the comfort of the home – and the kitchen. So ensure that yours is ready for whatever the world throws at it.  

Read on for our tips for designing a tranquil neutral kitchen: 

Embrace texture

Neutral colours have typically been associated with blandness and sterility. But with the range of different cabinetry textures and finishes that are available, you can ensure that your kitchen has a sense of depth.

“Experiment with textured cabinet finishes, whether that’s high gloss, marble, slate or concrete effects,” says Head Designer Chris Dance. “This maintains interest and steers away from monotony.”

There is a wide range of finishes available. Concrete effects are ideal for a sleek, ultra-modern kitchen, while marble is always popular for a touch of luxury, whether in a country-style or contemporary kitchen. Texture is an instrumental – although sometimes overlooked – aspect of the kitchen, so pay attention to it to ensure you are curating the feel you desire.

Consider the entire colour palette

“Neutral colours allow other elements of the design to stand out as you want them,” says Chris. So it’s important that you consider the other aspects, whether you want attention on bold streaks of colour, wood finishes, or even design-led centrepieces like hanging racks or lighting.

2022 saw the increased popularity of natural colours. Forest greens, ocean blues, and terracotta reds all rose to prominence, and soft browns, beiges, and greys as seen in the sky and soil are set to have their moment. If you’re wanting to embrace these natural tones, a neutral backdrop is ideal for helping them stand out.

Similarly, wood finishes are seeing a resurgence. They introduce an even greater sense of warmth, and neutral colours alongside them – especially when sharing the same tones – will help the grain to stand out. For example, the Bari kitchen by Schüller as pictured above combines oak finishes with taupe for a warming, almost coastal feel.

However, if you are aiming for a bold, colourful look, neutral colours are ideal for uniting and harmonising the overall feel of the kitchen. Whether that’s through cabinetry, tiling, or flooring, when chosen correctly, the neutral colour is as important as the bright one for a complementary, cohesive kitchen.

Leading German kitchen manufacturer Schüller carefully chooses and coordinates its colour palettes for harmony. All 27 colours in its concept are available in all lacquer versions for true creative expression. Learn more about Schüller’s colour concept in their catalogue, downloadable on their website.

Prioritise storage

A cluttered kitchen is not a calming one. When planning your new kitchen, adequate storage is essential to prevent clutter littering worksurfaces. Although this applies to all kitchens, it is particularly important for those wanting to embrace a clean, contemporary look – which often goes hand-in-hand with neutral kitchens.

There are a number of storage solutions available, so your neutral kitchen can be tailored to whatever you need to store and access. However, floor-to-ceiling cabinetry is always a popular option for ensuring all vertical space is used, as well as providing room for difficult to store items, like brooms, ironing boards, and hoovers. Similarly, wall and ceiling-hung solutions are popular for utilising overlooked space. Wall-hung racks on splashbacks can hold a variety of items, from kitchen roll, to fresh herbs, to utensils and more. While ceiling frames over kitchen islands are stand-out centrepieces, as well as providing convenient storage for pots and pans.

Discover more about vertical storage solutions over on our blog.

Beige is back for 2023. Updated for the contemporary era, the clean slate that these tones provide are perfect for creating a backdrop for a stand-out kitchen, or taking centre stage in the form of minimalist styling. For more kitchen inspiration, head over to our kitchen inspiration page. Or, if you would like to see the quality Schüller and next125 kitchens for yourself, visit our flagship showroom in Hexham or find your nearest independent retailer.