The kitchen Spring clean is an annual event for homes across the country. There’s no better time for getting your home ready for a season of entertaining friends and family in the sunshine. The brooms, hoovers and dusters are out – but what happens when it comes to putting them back?

As important as getting everything clean and clutter-free is where everything goes afterwards. But with our range of storage options from Schüller and next125, it’s easier than ever to keep your home tidy and organised.

“The annual Spring clean can feel like a mammoth task,” says Chris Dance, Head Designer and Director. “By investing in storage solutions that work for you, you can maintain a clutter-free kitchen for the whole year, not just for Spring.”

But what are these storage solutions? Read on to see our tips for your kitchen spring clean.

Remember the utility room

The utility room is a popular addition to many homes. It’s the hub of so many household chores: laundry, washing up, cleaning muddy boots and muddy pets. It’s also inevitably the messiest!

When Spring cleaning, the utility room will be in full use. So invest in it to make household chores that little bit easier. For example, washing machines mounted at waist height, with a pull-out shelf for your laundry basket underneath, will save bending down with heavy laundry. While built-in hanging racks provide a convenient space for clothes to dry before going to hang up in their final space.

In small spaces, avoid that closed-in feeling with open shelving or Schüller’s innovative Panel System. Allowing users to curate several different accessories, from shelves, to kitchen roll holders, to utensil cups, the Panel System is ideal for keeping everyday essentials to hand.

To learn more about designing a utility room, check out our guide to storage and layout for small utility rooms.

Invest in tailored storage

Nowadays, tailoring your kitchen storage is more than just choosing between cupboards and drawers. There are so many options available that allow you to tailor your storage options to your needs.

Drawers in particular have seen a refresh: with the ability to choose between open pull-out shelves – is it a shelf, or is it a drawer? – drawers with transparent fronts, drawers with shallow fronts to provide a glimpse of its contents, and many others, there is now more choice than ever.

Whatever you do, ensure that your storage works with your items. Drawer inserts are convenient and cheap ways to easily organise small items like utensils and cutlery, and are now available in a range of finishes so they flow seamlessly with the rest of your kitchen.

Top tips for kitchen Spring cleaning

Ready to start your Spring clean? Here are our five top tips for organising your kitchen:

• Go through all your items, including foodstuffs, and separate them into categories. Throw away anything that’s out of date.
• Donate saucepans, crockery, and other kitchen items you don’t use to charity. Don’t throw things away if there’s a better place for them to go to.
• Clean, clean, clean! After you’ve removed items from drawers and cupboards, wipe shelves and drawers down with cleaning fluid before putting everything back.
• Don’t forget the high-up places. You might need to get on a stepladder, but don’t forget places like the tops of cooker hoods or any lampshades. Grease will get airborne, so always clean up.

For other decluttering tips, read our guide to kitchen organisation.

If you’d like to talk to an expert about how your kitchen can best fit your – and your Spring cleaning – needs, get in touch with us to book a design appointment. Or pop into our Hexham showroom to take a look at our range of Schüller and next125 kitchens and talk to our design team.