The kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s a space for entertaining, for talking, for packing lunchboxes at the same time as making breakfast, all while thinking about what’s for tea. As a result, your kitchen can quickly become cluttered. The good news is that there are many easy ways to keep your kitchen clutter-free and find sanctuary in this integral space. Thankfully, Schüller and next125 kitchens create masterful designs that ensure the highest standards of form and function are achieved.

Wayne Dance from InHouse Inspired Room Design highlights the importance of multi-functional kitchens, especially following the pandemic year. “Comfort and storage are already emerging as key trends this year. The kitchen has always been a dynamic space,” he says. “But the past year has highlighted a need for kitchens that are more than a place to prepare meals and dine in.”

Kitchens have become offices, classrooms, even (Zoom) party venues. As Wayne says, “It is important that we all take a creative approach to imagining how we use our kitchens and homes in the future.”

Keep coats, bags and more hidden away in hallway storage spaces, such as this from the Biella collection by Schüller.

Start with a warm welcome

You don’t want to be confronted by a pile of coats and shoes when you step through the front door. In Feng Shui philosophy, entranceways are transitional spaces that either enable or prevent opportunities to flow into our lives. Clutter can quickly seep into other rooms, so incorporate a built-in wardrobe with floor-to-ceiling storage to create a welcoming, tidy entrance to your home and kitchen. Schüller offers a range of personalised hallway storage solutions that cater for your bags, shoes, coats and more.

The Nova range, from Schüller, offers generous storage in a variety of combinations to suit you and your needs – regardless of how awkward your items are to store.

Move mess into a practical pantry

It’s easy to just place multiple appliances, ceramics, and fresh fruit on countertops because there’s nowhere else to put them. However if organisation and clutter-free spaces are high on your priorities, it might be worth investing in a walk-in pantry.

The new walk-in wardrobe for the kitchen, the Schüller pantry gives you plenty of space to stock up on essentials and buy that fancy kitchen gadget without worrying about where to put either of them. Utilising a combination of shelving, pull-outs and dividers, the pantry creates space for everything you own and more. All while keeping your countertops clear and maintaining a bright and functional kitchen. 

Have the best of both worlds with semi-transparent drawers from next125’s nx510 range. Keep your items tucked away while on display.

Maximise storage space

Is your storage space being utilised in the most efficient way possible? If every surface is cluttered with items that are just too ‘difficult’ to put away, the answer is probably not.  Many ingenious storage solutions are now available from Schüller and next125 to cater for any and all of your kitchen items.

Regardless of whether your kitchen is large or small, keep it clutter-free by considering which storage solutions will work for you. It’s easy to spread items out in large kitchens, and in small ones worktops quickly become cluttered. Consider what your bad habits are – dumping pots and pans on any surface? Keeping hundreds of spice jars on the side? – and think about ways to avoid those habits!

Keeping your kitchen tidy isn’t just about shoving everything out of sight into cupboards and cabinets. Make sure that your cupboards are tidy by configuring internal storage solutions. Whether you’re looking for a rotating shelving unit to store awkward pots and pans, pull-out tables, or waste sorting systems, there is always a solution for every storage problem.

The combination of open shelves and closed cupboards in this Classic kitchen by Schüller allows your personality to shine while keeping everything tidy.

Selective shelving

Although open shelves with neat mason jars and the odd houseplant are highly fashionable, there’s also a great satisfaction in having a minimal, clutter-free kitchen. However, it is possible to have the best of both worlds. By storing the majority of possessions behind sleek doors and drawers, you can curate a selection of your most precious objects to display. This enables shelves to become a place to exhibit your personality and most-loved items, in the heart of your home.

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