Create a serene and spa-like bathroom with the latest bathroom designs, from Pelipal.

Bathrooms have long been practical spaces. Yet with the chaos of the last year there has been a shift to a new kind of bathroom. One that is increasingly spa-like, allowing for a space to unwind, escape and slow down at the end of a busy day. No longer do these bathrooms have to be limited to boutique hotels and luxury resorts in Bali. You can enjoy your own tropical oasis at home.

Steven Jaques, Pelipal National Development Manager, InHouse says, “Creating a luxurious and spa-like bathroom is much easier than you might think. If you want to evoke the sense of relaxing at a beachside resort, combine volcanic blacks with natural wood, bright whites, and ocean blues. The key is to stick to natural colours, layer up textures, and be brave when it comes to application of blacks, greens and blues across a large surface area. Black is incredibly underused in the bathroom and yet it injects dramatic depth into any room and provides a stunning backdrop for subtle touches of colour.”

Back to Black

Black is elegant, timeless and mysterious. When paired with natural textures and tropical houseplants, you may forget you’re at home. Make a statement with striking dark graphite textured tiles, black cabinet fronts and solid oak counter tops for a stylish, sleek design.

Ocean inspired

Ocean inspired cyan is already becoming a core interior design trend for 2021/2022. Bright blue or green cyans are gentle, calming and reconnect us to open horizons. Transporting us to float in the ocean and be embraced by a vast, cloudless sky. Create an escapist haven by balancing bright blues and greens with earthy wooden surfaces and chrome details. Allow yourself a personal retreat you can truly relax in.

Blissfully organised

Keeping a bathroom clean and organised can feel like a never-ending task. Make things easier for yourself by factoring in plenty of storage to your bathroom design. Keep your lotions and potions neatly tucked away and easy to access. If you’re short on floorspace, maximise potential storage by opting for countertop washbasins to free up space beneath.

Duo Design

Spa-like bathrooms should radiate calmness and serenity no matter the time of day. Creating two designs in one with glass finishes allows for relaxation morning, noon and night.

In bright light, the reflection lifts the anthracite finish on the above cabinetry and vanity unit. Come the evening, a gentle light deepens the surface and softens the design to create a space made for relaxation.

Mood lighting

Lighting is key to creating a space you can unwind in. The LEDrelax offers the perfect antidote to a stressful day and much more. Natural light simulation and adjustable tones can significantly increase visual clarity. Plus, the ability to sync mood enhancing lighting with playlists creates a tranquil atmosphere to escape to.