There advantages of next125 kitchens are many, a brand that is born out of parent company Schüller Möbelwerk KG. These cubic-style, ultra-contemporary designs are available here at InHouse. Each modern kitchen from next125 has been created and individually manufactured with the Bauhaus mantra of ‘form follows function’ in mind. The belief that if you focus on the function during manufacture, an exceptional form and stunning final result will follow.

But what exactly can you benefit from with a next125 kitchen?

Create Your Own

Before we even start designing your perfect kitchen, we help you think what you want to achieve. How you are going to use the kitchen? What is the style that you’re aiming to create?

Then we move onto the exciting part of designing your next125 kitchen. Choose from a beautiful selection of materials and fronts to begin the design process. Options include ceramic, glass, wood, high gloss or matt velvet lacquer. And the innovative Fenix material, a highly robust surface combined with nanotechnology, enabling cosmetic surface scratches to be thermally healed. A palette of carefully selected, beautifully toned colours and finishes are then applied.

Next step is to add a kitchen worktop to your design. A key part of the overall look of the room, next125 offers a wide selection and robust worktop materials. The Systemo worktop range extends options with wood, ceramic, quartz stone and glass, all designed to beautifully complement next125 kitchens.

Finishing touches are then be applied. The next125 visible or concealed door handles, perfectly complement your chosen worktop and kitchen design. And if you want a very discreet door opening system, you can go handleless. New technology means with a gentle push with your hand or knee you can easily open and close your kitchen cabinets without any effort at all.

Next it’s time to add light. Beautiful lighting enhances and defines your space. With kitchens from next125, lighting can be cleverly incorporated into the design or created individually.

Storage and Sorting Space Options

Each next125 kitchens offers you the ability to perfectly organise the interior and optimise storage. Flexible options mean each storage component can be arranged to meet your individual needs. The high specification of finishes continues inside a next125 kitchen, with a beautiful non-woven material keeping all your items securely in place.

The next125 Frame is a new design that combines organisation with ergonomics and gentle lighting. Unique to next125, the Frame showcases storage, keeping everything on hand and beautifully displayed.

The next125 Cube is another unique feature. Making use of the underused splashback, this unique product comes in several sizes and shapes. It is ideal for placing herb plants, cups, knife blocks and sets or wine bottles. Beautifully displayed and maximising storage space.

Flex-Boxes are made of real wood and beautiful dove tail joints. With these you can tailor your next125 drawers and cupboards exactly as you want them. They are exceptionally versatile and very flexible, meaning each can be moved and placed exactly as you wish.

And then there’s the technology. Self-closing technology makes closing and opening tall cabinets whisper-quiet and smooth. Pull-out corner units, tiered pull-out tall units, pull-down technology for easy access to items in wall cabinets. And to help closing and opening doors, particularly those like the fridge which can be heavy, next125 includes N-DRIVE technology. next125 has considered every element of storing and sorting your kitchen.

A Responsible Philosophy

next125 is dedicated to environmentally sound practices and responsible, sustainable production processes. As part of this they use many recyclable materials.

The company is PEFC certified which means next125 has made a commitment to correctly use natural wood resources in a way that does not damage natural forests or impact their ecological balance.

How do I add a next125 kitchen to my home?

If you would like to view our next125 kitchen range in person you can visit our national showroom in Hexham, close Newcastle. Our display includes full kitchen displays so you can see how each design can be perfectly incorporated into your home.

We have a comprehensive network of independent retailers who display our kitchens. So if you do not live locally you can find a retailer near to your home to view our products. Another option would be to reach out to us on 01434 400 070, via