Contemporary kitchen design is often associated with clean lines, minimalist shapes and incredibly high quality. It is the kind of kitchen found in the best interior design magazines. A kitchen to show off to friends and family!

But most importantly, a contemporary kitchen should belong in the present, designed in-line with the zeitgeist’s challenges and priorities. After learning to live with social restrictions and regional lockdowns over the past couple of years, our needs are shifting.

The Elba range as pictured above in Alvaro slate effect grey is part of the new Schüller collection.

Elevated dining experiences

All this time spent at home has created a desire to make simple changes to the way we live. Many people want to elevate daily life to a higher level – from seeking out high quality ingredients to chic tableware, there are numerous ways to improve the everyday.

Ensure that your kitchen is a welcoming space for dining, hosting and more.

Collaborative cooking

Values have changed a lot over the past couple of years. Gone are the days of grabbing a quick coffee before a long commute to catch up with friends.

We are now spending much more time at home, and we have much more time to enjoy being there. People are shifting towards much more creative and social cooking habits, and rediscovering the pleasure of food preparation and hosting.

This rising interest in home cooking, paired with a greater desire for connection, presents an opportunity to evaluate traditional kitchen workflows. We must ensure that contemporary kitchen and dining layouts are tailored to individual needs.

This year we have noticed a greater demand for kitchen islands with stove tops. These create a sophisticated transition between open-plan kitchen-dining spaces, helping make the kitchen the heart of the home. And with plenty of worktop space, they often become a hub of activity – used for much more than preparing meals.

The Elba range from Schüller as pictured in Alvaro slate effect and Indian red matt velvet creates a luxurious yet highly functional kitchen with plenty of storage and counter space.

Storage space and organisation

A contemporary kitchen requires space, organisation and flow. Make the the most of every centimetre available with floor-to-ceiling storage, and consider custom inserts. Drawer dividers and strong pull-outs for heavy kitchen gadgets are perfecting for organising your space in the way you want it.

Handless fronts also create a clean backdrop to daily life, with food and appliances tucked away but easy to find.

Here, Alvaro slate effect and Indian red is applied to living room storage units as well as the kitchen to create a seamless transition between open plan living areas.

Create continuity

Embrace open-plan living by creating continuity between your kitchen, dining and living areas. The new collection from Schüller includes an extensive range of home furniture, giving you the ability to match kitchen fronts and unite living spaces as a whole. Resulting in a highly elegant living area that encourages connection while adding harmony and warmth to the home.

The contemporary kitchen must adapt to new ways of living, and become a space that celebrates quality cooking, dining, hosting and working.

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