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The 27,000sq ft showroom features three full-sized houses that showcase a variety of products including complete kitchens.

Each kitchen display has been installed as you would expect to find in your home, and is designed to replicate room sets in varied perspectives, so you will see abroad range of layouts and designs to cater for all types of  properties.

It’s a fantastic concept…

Stuart Dance, director at KBB distributorInHouse ltd, assesses the potential of thenew venture and why they were so keen to be involved.

Q: What’s been InHouse’s involvement?
A: I supply [Schüller brand] next125 and schüller.C to House of Harrogate. We talked about having schüller.C in here, but we supply it to a customer up the road. I’d be a fool to say I’m not kicking myself. But my word is my bond, so at lease I can look myself in the mirror.


Q: Could this be the shape of things to come for showrooms?
A: more and more new-builds are having features like bifolding doors and it leads on to German kitchens and other things. [EBFD MD] Steve Blomberg has got a lot of developers on his books he can tie in with. Will it be the new way showrooms are set up? No. nobody will spend this kind of money. But the idea is justified by the fact that Steve’s doing so well with Bi-Folding Doors.


Q: So Mark at House of Harrogate is onto a good thing here?
A: Yes, that’s his bread-and-butter and if he’s bringing people over here it’s going to sell the dream. It’s a fantastic concept.


Q: Any particular highlights?
A: It’s the whole concept, down to the plug sockets and skirting boards, they’ve created full living. I’ve seen this sort of concept before, but not to this scale. DMI in Kilmarnock have built a house inside a showroom, but this is another level altogether. Sales staff will find half their jobs done before they even open their mouths.


Q: How much business will it drive?
A: At the moment, it’s an unknown. I’ve talked to Norman Parker [MD of Nobilia GB] and they’re setting it up as a contract division. It’s not being looked at as a retail showroom. But for us, it is retail and it will drive business back to House of Harrogate. They’ve set it up as two different teams. The Nobilia guys in the centre showroom is one part, and the guys from House of Harrogate are taking leads over the other side. House of Harrogate is a very good business and if it feeds that showroom as well – it should be quite lucrative. House of Harrogate will take care of the traditional side and next125 and the contracts and quick leads will be through Nobilia GB. By their own admission, they’ve been contract-driven. I’m not surprised, it’s an easy transition with the Nobilia office being set up for it.

Featured in December 2016 KBB Review Magazine

View the showroom here vimeo