The bathroom is ideally a haven of peace and tranquillity. It’s a space for winding down in the evenings and leisurely getting ready for the day ahead. But if you’re looking to freshen up the bathroom without returning to the traditional white furniture, wood effects might be your answer. Choose composite wood effect finishes that don’t compromise on either quality or functionality.

Combine natural finishes with modern technology and style

Thanks to modern materials, gone are the days of worrying about a loss in functionality. Instead, pair the timeless and rustic look of wood with modern technology to ensure your wood effect bathroom furniture stays practical and beautiful in the years to come.

Invest in high quality materials to preserve your bathroom for the future. Pelipal’s new High Pressure Laminate finish is impervious to water ingress and has PVC lipped edges to give greater protection.

You can also stay on-trend by combining textures. ‘Real-feel’ laminate has a tactile finish, replicating the knots and lines of raw timber, so add textural depth by coupling this with smooth, glossy tiles.

Make a statement by pairing dark woods with a white backdrop

Warm, darker wood finishes are making a comeback for 2022. We predict that warm, welcoming colours will grow alongside the typically popular whites for a vibrant and cosy feel. Deep browns will pop against bright white walls or light grey tiles,

Steven Jaques, Pelipal National Development Manager for InHouse Inspired Room Design, says, “Organic shapes and materials can create a really welcoming and grounding feel in the bathroom. Modern wood effects have developed over the past few years and are incredibly realistic nowadays. Be bold and go for deep brown wood effect furniture paired with glossy tiles and LED lighting for an earthy, yet sophisticated, touch.”

Stay flexible

The bathroom is no longer purely functional, and our wide range of elegant and innovative storage solutions reflect this. This combination of practicality and style means you can now have the best of both worlds. The bathroom, like the rest of the home, can become an extension of your individual personality and style.

Your bathroom can be tailored to your individual needs. Whether this means adding multiple storage units to make sure that everyone has space for toiletries, or hanging cabinets at certain heights for people needing wheelchair access, modular bathroom furniture allows your bathroom to be fully customisable.

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