Many of us are now either working from home full time, or have transitioned to a hybrid model – spending part of the week in the office, and part working from home. And although you might be working from the kitchen table, or spare room, imagine the possibilities with a built in home office…

Following over a year of remote working, a Microsoft survey of over 30,000 people found that over 70% of workers want flexible remote work options to continue after the pandemic. And 66% of business decision makers are considering redesigning physical spaces to better accommodate hybrid work environments. Remote working is here to stay, and we are beginning to see a great desire to adapt our homes accordingly.

While taking over the kitchen table or spare room is a great temporary solution, a proper home workstation is unsurpassable in comparison. Permanent office spaces within the home remove the hassle of rooting through drawers for chargers, notepads and paperwork before that 9am call. They remove cables, screens and keyboards that clutter the kitchen table, and instead offer dedicated space ready for use from 9-5. Drawing a clear line between work and home.

The new Arosa range as pictured above in Mocha Brown Satin is part of the new Schüller collection for 2022.

It’s all about zoning

From work calls and homework club to dinner parties and dancing, anything goes in the kitchen. In order to prevent work from taking over the whole space, create different zones for various tasks and activities.

Clever use of zoning means that whether you’re cooking, entertaining or working, you’ll always have enough room.

This not only concentrates work (and associated clutter) to one area of the home, but also helps to create a clear boundary between work and personal life. In turn, building a genuine work-life balance to help you live, better.

The new Arosa range as pictured above in Mocha Brown Satin is part of the new Schüller collection for 2022.

A harmonious work environment

Matching furniture styles and colour palettes across the living room, kitchen and built-in home office is an elegant way of creating a harmonious environment.

Create structure and subtle contrast between different areas with modular panels, enclosed corner units and clever use of custom lighting. Here, floor-to-ceiling units are the perfect fusion of creativity and functionality, discreetly dividing the kitchen from the living area and enclosing the office space while still maintaining continuity.

The new Arosa range creates a harmonious living space with flowing natural textures.

Make your built-in home office yours

Your office should be a place where you go to find quiet, focus and creativity. Whether you need space to crunch numbers, write, paint or run a small business, make sure your designer creates a space that supports your own pleasure and enjoyment. Choose modular furnishings, pull-outs and colours that are in-line with your individual needs.

This home office has plenty of space to store supplies, relax and get creative. Introduce an element of fun with playful colourful walls, integrated lighting and unique accessories.

Have everything you need within easy reach with the Fino range by Schüller.

With working from home fast becoming the new normal, don’t be surprised if your next kitchen comes with a built-in home office.

The new 2022 range from Schüller is centred around the notion that the kitchen should be a place to find comfort and indulgence. Spacious living, dining and cooking areas, fabulous functionality, and accompanying furnishings combine to provide a welcoming space for living and work.

To find out how we can help make working from home a real pleasure, or to find a Schüller retailer based near your home, contact us today.