Vertical storage solutions are the key to keeping your kitchen neat, beautiful and functional. As the heart of the home, the kitchen requires optimal storage space – so make the most of often overlooked vertical areas. With open racks, wall-hung accessories and more, discover the innovative solutions that ensure every inch of your kitchen is optimised.  

Schüller’s panel system

The wall-hung panel system from Schüller allows you to keep your everyday essentials close to hand – whether you need freshly-cut herbs or a square of kitchen roll. The innovative system allows various accessories to simply slot into the wall-hung panels. Accessories including: 

  • Fresh herb pot – either with or without built-in lighting.
  • Knife blocks.
  • Mobile phone and tablet holders.
  • Kitchen roll holders.
  • Utensil Cups.
  • Suspended shelves.
  • Spice racks.
  • And more…

Also available in a range of finishes, the panel system slots seamlessly into any kitchen to turn wasted vertical areas into useful, ergonomic space.  

Mix and match open and closed vertical storage solutions

Vertical storage solutions must also be aesthetically pleasing. So combine open and closed storage to create focal points throughout the kitchen. Display mugs, vases, or anything else in open shelving, while closed cabinetry provides somewhere to hide any unsightly clutter.  

“The contemporary family kitchen must be both aesthetically pleasing and useful,” says Wayne Dance, founder and Managing Director of InHouse Inspired Room Design. “Keep cooking and dining staples within easy reach, and less frequently used items behind closed doors.” 

You can lean into this solution regardless of whether your kitchen is countryside chic or industrial-inspired. Dark metallic frame racks are ideal for the sleek, modern kitchen, while rustic accessories and wall-mounted plate racks help you embrace that farmhouse look.  

Celling-hung frame racks

For the ultimate space-saving innovation, a ceiling-hung frame rack makes an eye-catching centrepiece in a chic kitchen. Hang pots, pans, wine glasses and more above a kitchen island to create an efficient, segregated cooking zone – as well as a bold visual statement.