As open plan living increases in popularity, the kitchen continues to be the heart of the home.

Whether hosting guests, enjoying slow mornings with the family, or working from home the modern kitchen is no longer reserved for purely preparing food.

As a result, it is more important than ever to make the best use of the available space.

Keeping clutter and noisy appliances behind closed doors is a key part of the modern kitchen.

Enter the modern kitchen utility room.

Taking the time to design a modern kitchen utility room helps transform the kitchen into a contemporary, sleek, stylish living space that you’d be proud to show off, not hide away.

Read on for our top tips on how to create a modern kitchen utility room.

Build vertical storage to maximise space

Laundry and cleaning equipment take up valuable space in your kitchen.

Whether it’s cleaning products in cabinets or washing baskets, ironing boards and vacuum cleaners cluttering up corners, most of us struggle to neatly store everything away.

Ergonomic cabinets designed to store taller equipment, such as ironing boards, mops and vacuum cleaners can be combined with pull-out clothes airers, that hide away when not in use.

Helping to keep the space free of clutter. 

Why place your tumble drier and washing machine on the floor where you have to bend down to load and unload?

Instead, raise them up and add in a handy pull-out shelf to place your washing basket.

It’s safe, ergonomic and a super convenient way to do the washing. 

Use hidden space to make life easier

If you’ve ever tried to fill or empty a washing machine or tumble dryer in a compact space, you’ll know what a hassle it can be to complete what should be a simple task.

A great way to tidy up your kitchen is to utilise intelligent German engineering to make the most of hidden spaces.

Sliding hangers, pull out clothes airers and custom shelving can quickly and easily create additional storage space.

When you’ve finished using them, simply slide them back into place.

Likewise, pull-out drawers and cabinets can be used to help hide larger washing items like laundry baskets, which would otherwise just sit on the floor and clutter up your utility room.

A useful slot in the cabinet front means that dirty clothes can be quickly ‘posted’ directly into the laundry basket.

Perhaps even encouraging the family to get into the habit of doing the laundry. 

Keep loud appliances separate to maintain calm in the kitchen

As the kitchen becomes a venue for hosting guests and socialising with friends, you might need to adapt the space to be the home’s social centre. 

Sounds of dishwashers and washing machines whirring away while you’re trying to entertain, work or enjoy a quiet drink is a sure way to kill the mood.

By cleverly using the space in your utility room, you can keep loud equipment running, but out of the way, creating a calm and peaceful kitchen area that can be enjoyed at all hours.

And as we’ve mentioned, storing these cumbersome appliances vertically saves you sacrificing valuable floor space in your kitchen utility room.

This solution is ideal if you have, or plan to build, an open plan kitchen where noise travels quickly around the room.

Use the utility room as overflow kitchen

You can also use your utility room as part of a kitchen overflow, storing big appliances like fridges, freezers and other storage cabinets for large or bulky items.

Freeing up kitchen space for your family and guests to fully enjoy. 

Include space for recycling

Many more households are committed to recycling plastic bottles and food waste.

But putting these items on worktops, in boxes or in bins only adds additional clutter to your kitchen.

It definitely takes away from the ambience of an area when you have a pile of plastic bottles in view.

By designing a utility room that includes purpose-built storage solutions for recycling, you can easily store your waste out of the way, perfectly sorted and ready to be emptied and recycled. 

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