Modern day life can be pretty demanding and whilst the bathroom maybe the place in which we unwind and relax, it is also the room that gets a lot of abuse. From cleaning chemicals to fake tans and hair dyes, the wash basin has a whole host of materials thrown at it that can cause damage. And with today’s bathrooms often doubling up as dressing areas, hair straighteners and curling tongs can cause catastrophic damage to washbasin countertops.

So Pelipal redefines the wash basin with the introduction of the super durable Krion single and double basin. It’s perfect for coping with all the demands that modern life can throw at it.

Like velvet to touch, the eco-friendly Krion basin is staggeringly robust, impervious to cleaning chemicals, hair dye and even the high temperatures of hair straighteners or tongs. If damage does occur, the basin is effortlessly repairable to look as good as new.

Krion is made of natural materials combined with a small percentage of high-strength synthetic resins. A fine profile, non-porous, joint-free durable surface that is perfectly in sync with today’s contemporary bathrooms.