Bathroom mood lighting might be the key to creating your dream bathroom. The 16 million colour variations of Pelipal’s innovative LEDrelax smart lighting can help to set any atmosphere. Relaxing and warm or bright and energising, there are so many ways to make your bathroom feel luxurious. All in the flick of a switch.

Read on for more tips from our design experts on how to create any mood, in any bathroom.

Colour-changing bathroom mood lighting

Have you ever envied the warm yellow light in a spa? Or do you simply want an extra boost in the morning to help you power up for the working day? Bathroom mood lighting can set the tone for the day – or night – ahead. Studies have shown that blue lighting can help you to relax, while warm candlelit tones are the perfect accompaniment to a relaxing bath. Pelipal’s LEDrelax system has over 16 million colour variations, while its 50,000 white tones range from cool blue to warm yellow. Whatever you or your family’s needs – grown-up showers or ‘disco function’ for the kids – LEDrelax offers the opportunity to create your perfect personal ambiance.

For getting ready in the morning, bright white lighting helps reinvigorate a bathroom without the advantage of natural light. And if you love flickering candlelight, orange fading to yellow can help recreate its warmth without the fire risk.

And Pelipal’s smart lighting is easy to operate. Use the handheld remote or smartphone app to choose a colour from across the spectrum. Simply click and slide! Or link your smart lighting to other smart control systems, like the Amazon Alexa, to truly make the process hands-free.

Motion-activated lighting – and more

But bathroom mood lighting isn’t just about the aesthetics and the atmosphere. Instead, it brings many practical benefits to make your life easier.

  • Pelipal’s LEDrelax system is built into the mirrored cabinet itself, so shaving and applying make-up is made easier.
  • The remote operation with the smartphone app means that the presence simulator can be run if the house is empty.
  • And, perhaps most importantly, the motion-activated function means that midnight bathroom trips won’t wake the whole family.

Bathroom mood lighting is more than a fad. It’s an opportunity to streamline your bathroom routine, so take stock of what you need – and what you don’t – when designing your bathroom. If you find it difficult to see what’s stored in your cabinets, consider an illuminated system and open shelves. If you want an extra touch of glamour, lateral lighting can illuminate the shadow gaps in horizontal systems.

Talk to your bathroom designer to learn more about the huge variety of bathroom lighting solutions on offer. You may be surprised by the huge variety!

Unwind with LEDrelax

We know that the bathroom is a sanctuary, now more than ever. It’s not just a room to go about your daily business. It’s a room to get lost in, deep in a bubble bath and your favourite book, and forget about the world. Until the kids start knocking on the door wanting to use the bathroom’s ‘disco function’…

If you are interested in how we can make the bathroom of your dreams a reality, get in touch today. Or, if you would like to see the LEDrelax system for yourself, visit our flagship Hexham showroom for a huge variety of bathroom furniture and more.