Every element of kitchen design is important, but colour in particular plays a powerful role in how we experience a space. Colour influences our mood and how we feel. Here are our top kitchen design colours for 2021, showcasing trends that we will in great demand over the next few months. We showcase trends from top German kitchen manufacturer Schüller.

Deep green coloured kitchens

2021 will see a renaissance of natural palettes that evoke a sense of comfort and retreat. As we’re spending more time in our homes, it’s no wonder that we are seeking out colours associated with nature to maintain a sense of connection with the natural world. Afterall, it is in our nature.

As one of the most prevalent natural colours on the planet, green embodies a sense of renewal and calm. Forest Green from Schüller’s new 2021 range is an earthy tone that looks beautiful when combined with natural woods, light greys, and white marble. There seems to be a big resurgence in green interior décor at the moment, most likely due a desire to bring the outside in, but perhaps inspired by a new found appreciation of nature acquired on our daily walks & time spent in the garden.

Schüller’s new Forest Green kitchen colour, a trend-setter for 2021

Yellow makes a comeback in kitchen design

Bright, bold and sassy, yellow sets the tone for a brighter future in kitchen design. Yellow is the colour of spring, a symbol of new beginnings, radiance and joy. It’s no wonder yellow is reported to boost chances of securing a house sale.

With subtle undertones of black and green, Schüller’s new 2021 olive yellow is almost golden with a timeless optimism and opulence. Pair with neutral greys, black and white to create an unconventional and creative home.

Part of the 2021 Schüller collection, the Alba kitchen pictured in Torino Grey and Olive Yellow.

The neutrals still have it in kitchen design

Natural whites and subdued palettes create a harmonious environment for people who want to slow down and live a serene, balanced lifestyle. We’re seeing a growing interest in soft neutral colour choices like sand grey satin in kitchen design. Create a haven of peace and positivity with warm greys, pale browns and whites. Bring in a natural and earthy feel by incorporating wooden accents in accessories, flooring or furniture.

The new SIENA collection from Schüller as shown in Sand Grey Satin adds a beautiful warmth to kitchen design trends in 2021.

Pick designer pastel shades for your new kitchen

Pastels are bang on trend right now in kitchen design. They are a pretty and elegant solution for bringing colour into a room for those who prefer style with a softer palette. While neutral tones have taken over our homes for the past few years, pastels bring a subtle and contemporary feel to a room without feeling overpowering.

Pastels are easy to introduce in your kitchen design and can be combined with darker tones from the same pallet or neutrals depending on the mood you want to create. Pale Rosé as shown below, evokes warmth and intimacy in any setting. Try combining dusky pink door fronts with houseplants and wooden furniture to create a modern and homely oasis.

Pictured above the BIELLA range in Pale Rosé Satin showcasing beautiful pastels for Schüller’s 2021 kitchen design collection.