Cooking up a positive future with outdoor kitchen spaces

Outdoor kitchens are a great lifestyle choice.  The stand-alone barbeque has made way for tailored outdoor kitchen spaces. We love Italian brand Steel Cucine for great ideas for outdoor kitchens that come complete with modular grills, cabinets, sinks and wine coolers. If you don’t have space for a fully fitted kitchen, worry not. Because this is a brand that has pro-level grills for everyone. 

Summer living

We all feel better when we are outdoors, and we certainly feel more upbeat when we spend time with friends or family. With the sunniest spring on record and a blistering summer on the horizon, it’s outdoor spaces that will become the setting for some of the biggest transformation plans. While we often talk of investment in property, this time the focus is on investing in ourselves. The way to do this is to create an environment that makes us feel positive about the future. 

Steel Cucine, Italian appliances for outdoor kitchens

We’re feeling good 

We’ve all taken a bit of a battering in the last few weeks. And with life slowly returning back to normal, many of us will be planning a trip to the local garden centre. Flowers, firepits, painted fences and new furniture are filling up trolleys this summer. Growing vegetables has become one of the latest hobbies and we’re pretty confident that the garden pond is fast becoming a trend. The reality is, that many of us have stepped back to realise the benefit of sometimes, simply being still.

While the idea of getting out and socialising is appealing, we’re all acutely reminded of the importance of creating a home that we enjoy being in, with spaces that bring pleasure and a feeling of safety. Restrictions may be lifting, but our focus has shifted for good. The benefit of outdoor living space has been highlighted in a way that none of us could have predicted. The pleasure of socialising at home, with people that we are close to, will become increasingly important. From bringing the nation in, let’s start taking the indoors out.

Family and friends re-united 

We’ve all missed friends and family. With summer months made for leisurely lunches and evening BBQs, the outdoor kitchen is the ultimate garden must-have. Whether a BBQ newbie, or an old hand at hosting outdoor get togethers – it makes sense to have an outdoor space dedicated to cooking up a feast.  Who doesn’t love the outside cooking spaces on our European summer holidays? 

Everything, and sometimes the kitchen sink 

A tailored outdoor kitchen may be something that space won’t allow. So the solution could be a smaller countertop grill, neatly stored after use. Remember, the art of the top-notch experience is making sure that you never compromise on quality, particularly when you have to compromise on size.  If you want to cook like a pro, then equip yourselves with professional standard equipment. You can’t make a great coffee without a great espresso machine. So don’t expect to grill great steaks with anything less than a great barbeque.

Barbecue aficionados are sure to love the Swing by Steel Cucine. This is the grill of choice for foodies, with a double skin cooking lid, four cast burners and stainless steel heat spreader that make controlled grilling a breeze. The single door cabinet is the designated storage spot for a 10kg gas bottle. Slip a tray of ice into either of the storage drawers and with wine and food nicely chilled, you’re good to go.

Even the humble summer house is experiencing a new lease of life, with rattan chairs and coffee table making way for contemporary cousins with fully fitted kitchens. Simply throw open the doors to make the best of the sunshine. For those that prioritise larger scale or regular socialising at home, it’s hard to ignore the benefits of an additional working kitchen. The comfort of the indoor family space and the practicality of the additional garden kitchen provides the very best of both worlds.

Great ideas for outdoor kitchens from Italian appliance manufacturer, Steel Cucine. Available from InHouse Inspired Room Design and our network of independent kitchen showrooms.

An undercover affair 

Remember – the only thing that has ever kinked the armour of the barbeque is the weather, and it’s as much an issue in the warmer climates of southern Europe where eating outdoors is a way of life. It’s a simple fix, just include a canopy in the design. Adding protection from direct sunlight, unexpected showers and warmer months, also means that you can include innovative outdoor lighting. Even, perhaps, a garden heater to extend the evening’s enjoyment.

Outdoor kitchens from Italian appliance company Steel Cucine. Available from InHouse Inspired Room Design

If you are creating a permanent area, you likely have a style in mind. So when you are looking at tables and chairs, allow for adequate space to move around.  A bar area is a good idea if you don’t have the space for a separate table area.  Just make sure you allow for ample food storage and sufficient food prep area. And don’t forget space for pots, pans and glasses. Although the requirements of an outdoor kitchen are less, these things that can improve the enjoyment of a space.  

Let’s make the most of our gardens, time with family and meals with friends. At InHouse, we always say that the heart of the home is in the kitchen. We all love eating together, so let’s take our kitchens outside, and create happy memories for years to come.  

Find out more about Steel Cucine for beautiful Italian kitchen appliances. Available from InHouse Inspired Room Design.