Colourful minimalist kitchens are an on-trend way of achieving a clean, contemporary feel, without risking sterility. You can have your colour and eat it, by paying attention to palettes, textures, and lighting. Whether you want to soak in blues or stay serene with blush pink, read on for our designers’ tips on how to create your dream colourful kitchen.

Pay attention to detail

In any kitchen, details like lighting, handles (or lack of them – check out our handleless kitchens inspiration page), taps and accessories all make a difference to the overall atmosphere. The same can be said for colourful kitchens – perhaps even more so.

As Chris Dance, our Showroom Manager says, “A deep saturation of colour exudes opulence, especially when coupled with high-end finishes.” However, if you want to break up the space, it’s essential to pay attention to details. “Marble, porcelain, and metallic details will help to break up the space, as will lighting that plays with shadows and tones.”

Lighting too will make a difference: it will play important aesthetic and functional roles. Not only is it necessary for illuminating tasks, but in a single-toned kitchen, it can add variety – especially in the form of spotlights – and pools of light and shadow that catch the eye.

Go bold: Break up floor-to-ceiling colour

For an alternative approach, use colourful kitchen cabinetry to break up floor-to-ceiling colour. It makes the kitchen a true statement piece for the home.

“If mix and matching different cabinetry colours,” says Chris, “you need to understand how they work with each other, the colour of walls, ceilings, and floor, and any natural and artificial light. The tones will look slightly different in different shadows and spotlights, so think about the kitchen’s atmosphere throughout the day.”

This is a popular option for those wanting to create cohesive open plan kitchen and living spaces. You can continue swathes of colour throughout both to make your whole home a colourful haven. Just ensure there’s plenty of storage space, so your clear lines and surfaces aren’t stuffed with clutter.

The next125 colour concept

If you want a colourful kitchen but aren’t sure where to start, take a look at the next125 colour concept. With three categories of essential, elegant, and exceptional colours, it helps to simplify the colour selection process and align your kitchen with the atmosphere you want.

From various neutral, white, brown and black shades, to olive yellow, Indian red, cobalt green and more, there will be a colour to suit your kitchen.

At InHouse Inspired Room Design, we’re proud to supply beautifully designed kitchens by Schüller and next125 across the UK and Ireland. Pop into our showroom in Hexham to see our range of European kitchens, bedrooms, and bathroom furniture and chat with one of our designers, or in the meantime, check out our inspiration page.