Following another year of solid growth, Schüller spells out its approach to blowing the DIY sheds and high street chains out of the water.

Sales & marketing – There’s no better way to build consumer desire and confidence than appearing in leading interior magazines. New ranges, features on storage or trends perhaps? You can be sure Schüller features in national trade and consumer titles every month at no cost to Schüller’s retailers. if that’s not impressive enough, Schüller offer personalised branding and POS materials.

Comprehensive – The trick to extending your reach is to make sure that you have creative solutions for every customer and every price point. Schüller retailers can create contemporary and classic kitchens for all, dispensing with all the unnecessary complications when working with multiple brands.

Holistic – Family-owned Schüller takes a holistic approach to kitchen manufacturing and retailing, giving each element equal importance. Ongoing investment keeps Schüller at the top of their league and provides retailers with award-winning ranges. Every part of the process helps retailers gain that all-important referral to build their reputation.

UK Support – Full UK support from InHouse comes hand in hand with its national marketing campaign. With over thirty years in the industry, Schüller don’t just understand its retailers’ needs but actively support them build reputations, increase referrals and create growth.

Leads – Through its national marketing campaign, Schüller provide a centralised number and direct leads to the right retailers. Every showroom has an individual protected area and the team works together to create national leads. When a customer calls, Schüller knows just the right person for them to talk to.

Loyalty – Schüller remains loyal to its ethos of making the best kitchens affordable to all with continued investment in marketing, manufacturing and innovation. When manufacturer, agent and retailer work together you gain unparalleled loyalty in supporting success for all.

Euros – Schüller always charge in Euros and have set up a partnership with World First FX for its retailers to not only gain from the best rates online and without bank charges but it also enables them to buy in advance when the rate is good and benefit by making higher margins.

Reveal – The 2016 KBB Schüller stand was a knockout and a perfect opportunity for us to reveal how you could gain the level of support and commitment that is simply unavailable with any other brand.