Function and style are the hallmarks of a German bathroom. It’s why German manufacturing is so revered around the world. And why German bathrooms have become increasingly popular as the go-to design option in the UK.

It’s always the little details that make the biggest difference. From the design, to the manufacturing, to the finishing, to the final installation. Every detail is precise.

And so it should be when it comes to selecting the right German bathroom furniture. Particularly when it comes to storage. You need a practical space. But you want your bathroom cabinet to be modern, aesthetically pleasing, and integrated into the room. A bathroom cabinet is not just there to keep things in so your bathroom looks tidy.

With that in mind, this guide will take you through the top things to consider when choosing the right cabinet for your German bathroom, and highlight some quality examples of what you could choose.

Focusing on function

The primary job of your bathroom cabinet is to store items and help you avoid clutter. So the first consideration is what will you be keeping in the cabinet. How big does it need to be? Will you need more than one bathroom cabinet, or will it be supplemented with other storage units around the room?

Something else to consider is whether you want a mirrored cabinet. Having a mirrored bathroom cabinet could be particularly useful if you have a smaller area to work with. As combining a mirrored surface with the right bathroom lighting can help with the overall feel of the room, and create the illusion of a bigger space.

Choosing the right size and shape for your bathroom cabinet

The size and shape of your bathroom cabinet is dependent on two things. The number of items you plan to store in it, and the size of the room you have to work with. Probably the biggest factor will be the size of the room.

If you’re working with a smaller space, then you’d be better choosing a cabinet that can make the best use of the vertical space you have. 

Free standing units can also be a great option if you’re considering the space you have – or even if you have a larger bathroom. A free standing vanity unit helps free up floor space, and create the feel of a larger room.

One element of a bathroom cabinet often overlooked is the style of the sink you’ll be using. How much of the cabinet or vanity unit’s space will be taken up by the sink. This could limit the amount of countertop or storage you have.

Choosing the right design, style and finishing

Remember, your bathroom cabinet or vanity unit is going to be one of the main centre pieces of the room, so you want to ensure it fits in with the overall style, while remaining functional.

If the aim is to create the feeling of a more open, larger area, then consider reflective surfaces to finish your vanity unit or cabinet.

Coupling this finish with the right LED lighting helps spread the light around the rest of the room and will add to the overall feel.

Ultimately, there is no wrong choice

You might feel there is a lot of pressure when it comes to designing your ideal bathroom, but remember, it’s your bathroom. Once you’ve taken the main considerations above into account, take the time to find the cabinet or vanity unit you think will fit best into the space you’re creating. And remember, talk to your independent bathroom designer. They’ve worked through these problems many times and will be able to suggest innovative solutions and ideas that will help transform your bathroom. If you want to get some more inspiration, we have a range of bathroom cabinets and vanity units available through Pelipal and Leonardo. 

Check out our bathroom inspiration pages or book an appointment with a bathroom designer that’s near you.  

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