German kitchens epitomise the evolution of the kitchen in the modern home.

Long gone are the days when this was a room built in isolation from the rest of the house.

When it was just a base for preparing food, and nothing else.

Today, the modern kitchen has become every bit a place where we gather and socialise as the living room.

It needs to be innovative, styled and functional enough to serve multiple purposes for you and your guests.

This has created a new set of challenges when it comes to designing your kitchen.

Not only do you need to design for function.

You need to consider finishings and ensuring your kitchen has its own personality.

This is why German kitchens, and Schüller kitchens in particular, have become the go-to choice.

In this article we’ll guide you through the things you should consider when designing your ideal kitchen space, and show you why German kitchens and Schüller kitchens have the best ranges to inspire you.

Create a functional space

The concept of the kitchen ‘Work Triangle’ was established in the 1920s as a measure of efficiency for the kitchen area.

Essentially it was designed as a means of determining the distance between major appliances to make moving around the area easier and more natural.

While the overall function of the kitchen has changed into a more sociable area of the home, its primary function hasn’t changed much from the old days.

Luckily, as with all German manufacturing, German and Schüller kitchens come with this functionality in mind.

When designing your Schüller kitchen, ensure you create a natural path from the food preparation area, the cleaning area to the food storage area.

These are the three points of your work triangle, and will largely dictate the layout of your kitchen.

In terms of your kitchen layout, there are a few designs to choose from:

One wall kitchen

These are typically found in smaller kitchens where space is at a premium.

With that in mind, you should look to design your kitchen vertically, with storage above and below your worktops, your main cooking space at the centre, bookended by your sink and fridge.

While this doesn’t give you the traditional work triangle – which isn’t possible with this design because of the space limitations – it provides an easy, natural flow.

This Schuller Gala kitchen, which includes the addition of a kitchen island, is a perfect demonstration of how you can create a functional kitchen area within a limited space without sacrificing function or feel.

L shaped kitchen

L shaped kitchens offer great potential for an open plan design, which is more in fitting with the modern use of a kitchen.

With the right appliances and finishing it can also provide a more natural flow and modern feel to your kitchen.

As well as offering a more functional approach than a single wall design, an L shaped kitchen can give your area more storage options, removing the potential for your space to become cluttered.

It could also help to serve to create a smaller seating area around your workspace, which is ideal when socialising is a key part of your kitchen.

If you did want to create a smaller barrier between your kitchen and adjoining room, while maintaining the sense of an open plan design, a kitchen island could be installed – depending on space.

U-shaped kitchen

In terms of the functionality of a kitchen, the U-shape is the ideal choice as it provides the most chance for variety, and can be more easily customised with appliances and storage options.

However it is mainly limited to larger kitchens.

Depending on the positioning of the worktop within the room, you can use this style of kitchen to create a natural breakfast bar area, which suits the needs of those wanting a more sociable design for their kitchen – without the addition of an island.

Island kitchen

This is often the most popular choice for those with a larger kitchen space wanting to maintain an open plan feel for their kitchen area, while retaining a functional cooking space.

A well designed island kitchen – like this Schuller Fino Gloss – can easily incorporate your cooking surface and food preparation area.

For those wanting their kitchen and dining room to be more of a focal point for socialising in their home, a wine or bar fridge can quickly add to the features of your kitchen environment.

Creating an elegant look to your German kitchen

With the kitchen becoming a bigger focal point for socialising, it has required modern kitchens to become more than just functional.

They need to feel warm and welcoming.

This is another reason why Schüller German kitchens are the best choice.

Whenever you think of German engineering – think the likes of Audi, BMW and Mercedes Benz – you don’t just think of efficient manufacturing.

You think sleek designs and a high standard of finishing.

This same philosophy is maintained in the design of German kitchens, which is why they’ve become much more popular in the UK market, especially in the last few years.

They can be highly customised, with a range of features and finishing which can match your personality, and create the kind of ambience you’d usually expect to find in a high end study or living room.

From beautiful matt lacquer surfaces to ceramic, glass and wood finishes, you can adapt your kitchen to fit the look and feel of your home, or create a completely unique area with its own personality.

Whether you’re looking for the minimalist approach, or you love having a busy space, there are a range of innovative, sleek designs to match your needs. All created to your exacting standards, space and personal preferences by your kitchen designer. 

Finally, don’t forget the lighting

Correct lighting can make or break the ambience of a room.

It’s also one of the most overlooked parts of your kitchen design.

Remember, it’s the small details that add the final touches to your new German kitchen.

If you’re installing an island unit, is the natural lighting sufficient to make everything clear without straining, or will you need additional overhead lighting?

Are your workspaces well lit by your main lights, or would you benefit from additional lighting built into your storage cabinets to illuminate smaller areas as you work and move around?

Whatever you decide, there are a range of Schüller kitchen light options that can brighten your German kitchen and provide the sociable area you want your kitchen to be.To see a full range of Schüller kitchen options, or for more design ideas to set your German kitchen apart, download our brochure or get in touch today.