Whilst in America, the team spent 4 days in Las Vegas researching potential expansion developments for another showroom in wealthy Nevada. The weak €Euro versus the stronger $USD and £GB has given Inhouse a huge competitive edge in these markets

During the time in Las Vegas, the team took the opportunity to scout out the potential for developing from Florida into Vegas and into other areas of America. With the booming popularity of Las Vegas and the constant need to ensure the most state of the art hotels and facilities are available, there is also the opportunity to put forward Italian brand, Aster Cucine into the American market. Offering high end quality Italian furniture, Aster Cucine has the potential to open up doors in the American hotel market and suits their high-end customer base.

The trip conclude with a one day Inhouse yearly conference. Managing Director Wayne Dance chaired the conference and thanked the team for all their efforts in what has been a phenomenal year that outstripped all expectations and totally outperformed the market in general.


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